If you had an opportunity, a chance to hit pause and make a change in your life, would you?

Winging It is a dramedy about two thirty-something female best friends who are forced to both make a change. Unsatisfied with where they are in life, and bombarded with happier, more successful lives on social media, they risk all that they know in order to rediscover themselves, even if it also risks destroying who they are in the eyes of the ones they love most.

Amma, a wife and mother of two, is well versed at putting everyone’s needs before her own. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, she finally gathers the courage to put herself first. Amma’s partner-in-crime Irene, is the complete opposite, currently still living at home and stuck in the corporate rat race whilst still waiting on Prince Charming. We follow Irene as she struggles to line up her reality with her dream.

This story was written for all those who feel as if they are stuck in the mud, who don’t recognise themselves in the mirror; encouraging them to continue to evolve and change. The destination may not be what we envisioned, but we will learn what we need along the way, freeing us to live contently within the balance of our reality and dreams.

Winging It was chosen for a Sky Table Read in 2022, which was produced by #Merky Films. To view a recording of the Table Read, please get in touch.