YOR PLEDGE – BEYOND THE YEAR OF RETURN – is an initiative that aims to encourage us, the Diaspora, to continue to build, invest and give back to Ghana in any way we can. The Year of Return of 2019 brought to light a culture of unity, and showed us how strong and powerful we can be when we stand together; let’s continue to stand strong.

What’s our pledge? Our pledge is to keep the beacon of Ghana shining brightly, but we can’t do it alone. So…what’s YOR Pledge?

Let’s make Kwame Nkrumah proud!


Before pledging, please read the below rules.

-Your pledge must be associated with Ghana, about to Ghana or about an affiliate of Ghana. 

-Your pledge must be clean, of good nature, and respectful. (Kwame Nkrumah is watching!)

-Your pledge does not have to be big and lavish. It can simply be an act, like visiting Ghana at least once a year; a challenge, like trying to learn your native language this year; or a donation to a charitable cause. The possibilities are endless! 


Post a video or pic using @yorpledgegh and #yorpledgegh telling us:

  • Your pledge
  • Why you have chosen that pledge
  • The timeline of your pledge
  • And @ at least 3 other people in your crew and nominate them to do a pledge.

Remember, as the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall!”