People change, people grow and people evolve; it’s our responsibility to do so. Within that journey, some people grow towards each other and some away from one another; until the friendship you once had is now a distant and fond memory.

I walk, walk, walk on by.


“Oh my days, Hi!”


You say “Cool”.

I say “Cool”.

But we ain’t “Cool”.


But wait, ain’t you my friend?

The guy I knew from way back when.

When my first love ran off with my heart,

And you ran to me with yours but I weren’t ready,

So I said “let’s just be friends”.


So that began our 10 year history,

Of I like you, you like me,

I like your friend, you like my friend,

Back to I like you, but you didn’t like me. 

What a long game.

I guess we weren’t meant to be lovers,

Just friends.


So you did your thing,

I did my thing.

You did your thing,

And I did my thing.

Then the next thing I hear is that you’re in The Lion King!

I was like “Yooo! That’s my friend. I know him from why back when.”


So why is this once tantalising meeting so awkward?


I glad my girl realised the tension,

And dragged me away from this situation,

In which I refused to stay.


So next time I see you I’ll just say “Hi”,

And walk on bye,

Coz you ain’t my friend.


You walk like him,

You talk like him,

You even sing like him,

But he ain’t you,

You’re someone totally new.


And this new you I can’t knock,

This new you I can’t hate,

This new you is so fine and great,

But this new you ain’t my friend.


If we’re wanna be friends,

I think we gotta start all over again.


But why should I try?

Coz the friend I had in you,

He’s died.



©Written by Stephanie Yamson

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